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Personal Banking

Corporate & Institutional Banking

Multi-currency & FX Exchange

Easy Application Process

Step 1: Register on PAA CAPITAL Electronic Banking here
Step 2: PAA CAPITAL staff will activate your profile.
This does not mean that the banking service is approved, but it does mean you have access to securely upload the documents required to assess the application.
Step 3: For non-financial institution applicants: complete and sign the service agreement. Also Upload supporting documents on the company/entity and the beneficial owners and signatory.
For financial institution applicants, an Expression of Interest form will be sent to you to complete, summarizing the applicant business / situation and services required to expedite the assessment process.
Step 4: Pay the establishment fee of EUR 2,500.00 for personal wallet or EUR 5,000.00 for corporate wallet. You will receive an invoice. These fee are fully refundable if the application is not accepted for any reason.
Step 5. PAA CAPITAL will review and assess all the required documents. Then process the application and approve if possible, or otherwise contact you to advise of any additional information or documents required, or any concerns that could prevent the acceptance of the application. This will either result in the account being approved and activated, or declined and the establishment fee and opening deposit being refunded.

General Terms and Conditions
All applications are subject to PAA CAPITAL’s General Terms and Conditions and subsequent extended Terms and Conditions.